COVID 19 Research Study in Canada

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We are still learning about the side effects of COVID-19. Many audiologists anecdotally tell you that they have seen weird hearing losses since the onset of the pandemic. The most notable side effects that we have seen are tinnitus in one ear, sudden hearing loss and dizziness.

Dalhousie University and The University of Ottawa are studying the side effects of COVID19 and COVID19 long haulers. If you have any ear symptoms, have your audiologist forward your test results to the investigators. If you have not had a hearing test, book an appointment to see an audiologist and request that your test results be sent in so that we can learn more about the effects of COVID19.

You will need to fill out a consent form in order to participate in the study and fill out a severity questionnaire.

The consent form can be accessed here: CONSENT FORM

The severity questionnaire to be filled out by the patient can be found here: SEVERITY QUESTIONNAIRE

Here is a flyer about the study: FLYER

Information for you audiologist can be found here: RESEARCH STUDY PROTOCOL


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