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The Ontario Association of Professional Audiology Clinics (OAPAC) advances the needs of Audiologist owned and operated private practice clinics. OAPAC is the ONLY organization in Ontario dedicated solely to the needs of private practice audiologists.

There is strength in numbers and Membership illustrates our dedication and proof of unity for the benefit of Audiologist-owned and operated private practice.


      • to attend our AGM, with hours allocated for your “improving private practice” CEU goal
      • full fledged members receive access to the OAPAC Manual
      • legal consultation and advice from the Health Industry group at Osler  (as it is submitted by the Executive and pertains to OAPAC)
      • be on the OAPAC website (with a link to your updated website for $125.00)
      • be included in the call centre 1-844-412-HEAR
      • utilize the OAPAC logo on your website and handouts
      • be included in all the advertising/outreach
      • as a not-for-profit organization, your dues are eligible for a business expense deduction (write off).

Membership cost:
$1,500.00 for new members

To join, please complete the application form below and mail your registration and cheque to our current treasurer.

2023 Application Form:2023-oapac-membership-application



“Frustrated by the lack of professional representation for the private practice audiologist, I wanted to work with a group that focused on moving towards influencing change that was beneficial to my specific needs as a small business owner. OAPAC has also allowed me to think out loud with others in my profession finding ways together to do better and be better in my clinic. “

Sanjeev Sukumaran Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology, Audiologist
The Ear Company

“I joined OAPAC to support and receive support from my fellow Audiologists who were brave and daring enough to open up a private practice despite all of the adversities we face.  We not only have restrictions in this province that makes it difficult to promote ourselves (such as the inability to share patient testimonials and censorship of the use of our doctorate title for those that have gone on to achieve their clinical doctorate degree in the field of Audiology), but our profession is also devalued due to big box stores and chains that focus solely on selling hearing aids at bulk buy prices and a Ministry that provides ‘free’ hearing tests only for patients that are delegated by an otolaryngologist.  I believe that individuals with hearing loss will receive the best care from Audiologists who own their own private practice because as owners we are fully regulated and have the highest degree of training in our field and are passionate about reconnecting people through better hearing.”

Sabrina DeToma, M.Sc., Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology, Audiologist

“Being a member of OAPAC has allowed me to grow professionally and connect with like-minded peers who are in private practice.  I really enjoy the sense of community and sharing of important Audiology information.”

Nashlea Brogan, B.Sc.H, M.Sc., Au.D
Doctor of Audiology, Audiologist
Bluewater Hearing
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller
“I am a member of other audiology organizations, but OAPAC is the only organization that truly represents me as an audiologist in private practice in the province of Ontario. There are so many things wrong with the state of our profession and none of us can produce change on our own. We need to represent ourselves in order to better ourselves. We can accomplish so much more if we work together. Every one of us should commit to being part of the solution.
You may have one or two friends in private practice, which is great, but how often are you questioning what you are doing? What does this email from CASLPO mean? What is ADP asking us to do? How do you bill such and such to WSIB? How do I interpret this new ODSP protocol? We’ve all been there, navigating the system by ourselves. You don’t need to be alone. OAPAC is the group of like minded people you’ve been looking for.”
Bernice McKenzie
Doctor of Audiology, Audiologist
The Hearing & Dizziness Clinic

“I not only joined OAPAC, I was actually one of OAPAC’s founders.  Collaborating with like-minded clinic owners, we had a vision to grow independent practice to offer Ontarians choice: Audiologists need choice; Patients need choice.  I am now retired from clinical practice but still play an active role in OAPAC 20 years later.  I believe Audiology practices are “Right Care, Right Time, Right Place.” 

Lila O’Neill, Retired

“Born into the Hearing Field, I am a second-generation Audiologist. I joined OAPAC because it provides me with:

· a sounding board for difficult clinical cases

· business advise on trends and major changes in the province 

· decision making on new technologies with access to group rates

· legal consult on matters of concern for Audiologists

· credible and College-proof advertising in programs that we can’t afford to do on our own

· a source of referrals to our clinics for patients in need

· a direct link to my clinics from the OAPAC website (optional)

I recommend all Audiologist-Owners to join OAPAC, a great network of professional collegiality and collaboration. Not only have I been a member since 2016, I became part of the Executive as the Treasurer/Secretary of OAPAC in 2020! Membership fees are tax deductible as a business expense …another great reason to join.“

Renee Giroux
Doctor of Audiology, Audiologist


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