Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Independently-owned Audiology clinics are an important resource for Ontarians. If you’re experiencing hearing loss, OAPAC Audiologists may prescribe a hearing device for you.

As independent Audiologist-clinic owners, we work closely with highly-rated, trustworthy manufacturers to provide patients with a variety of options to help them hear better. Audiologists recommend what is best for each patient, the nature of their hearing loss, and their unique needs.

Hearing device technology is constantly evolving and the market is always growing. There are a number of different product options available, each with different features, benefits, and price points. It is crucial to have confidence in the reliability and quality of your hearing device. This is why Audiologists only recommend and prescribe products crafted by reputable manufacturers renowned for their unwavering commitment to exceptional quality.

Empowering and supporting patients to make their own choices when it comes to hearing device selection is important to us. Your hearing device should be compatible with your lifestyle, budget, and the nature of your hearing loss.

Below is a list of hearing aid manufacturers whose products may be recommended for you. Click on the links for more information about available products!

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